Sea Kayaking Quadra Island & the Discovery Islands Near Vancouver Island British Columbia

Multi-day Sea Kayaking Tours near Quadra Island

Kayak Tours from the original Sea Kayaking British Columbia Lodge near Vancouver Island British Columbia!

We're privileged to live in a sea kayaking paradise. We hope you'll join us for a kayak tour in this magnificent British Columbia coastal wilderness! The tours described below will take you to our other web site at Coast Mountain Expeditions

Sea Kayak Lodge Getaway

A comfortable British Columbia sea kayaking weekend for beginner and experienced paddlers -- and for our kayaking friends who never want to leave! Kayak lessons and guided excursions along beautiful sheltered shorelines of British Columbia’s Discovery Islands. Develop skills in structured workshops -- or paddle on your own. Enjoy great meals and the friendly ambience of Coast Mountain’s wilderness island lodge. More...


3 days/nights Lodge-Based Sea Kayaking Vancouver Island Getaway

Discovery Islands Kayak Tour

Find out why sea kayaking is so popular on Vancouver Island! This is a short BC kayak tour in British Columbia’s protected ocean passages among enchanted islands and towering mountains. Wilderness lodge accommodation, kayaking skills instruction, and a kayak camping trip. Forested shores, secluded beaches, a remote warm lake and freshly gathered seafood make for a memorable Vancouver Island sea kayaking adventure! More...


4 days/3 nights Sea Kayaking Quadra Island Tour

Marine Parks Tour

Beginning near Vancouver Island at Surge Narrows, this long-weekend British Columbia sea kayaking trip offers a myriad of ocean wonders. Enjoy our guided tour through one of BC’s unique tidal rapids areas famous for biological diversity and marine wildlife. From Discovery Islands Lodge on Quadra Island we’ll paddle, hike, swim, and camp two nights on a beautiful meandering route through Octopus Islands and Surge Narrows marine parks. More

3 days/2 nights sea kayaking tour

Okisollo Explorer Kayak Tour

Treasure to British Columbia sea kayakers, Okisollo channel is a playground of tidal rapids, marine life and emerald islands. Discovery Islands Lodge, our Quadra Island accommodation, provides perfect place for beginning our foray into the astonishing beauty and abundance of the tidal environment. We’ll camp at Octopus Islands and circumnavigate Maurelle Island, play in the tides and soak up the natural beauty. More...


5 days/4 nights Sea Kayaking Quadra Island Tour

Octopus Islands Expedition

Explore the natural wonders of sea kayaking British Columbia in the Discovery Islands archipelago! Starting with kayak skills & practice paddling, we'll enjoy an afternoon excursion and spend first night at Coast Mountain kayak lodge. Next day we begin our kayak tour through the protected channels and rainforest islands of this British Columbia marine park. Paddle the coastline mosaic of tiny islets and shallow coves, observe incredible marine life, hike to a crystal clear forest lake… More...


6 days/5 nights Sea Kayaking Quadra Island Tour

Fjordlands Expedition

A sea kayaking adventure into Toba Inlet and the rugged wilderness of British Columbia’s dramatic coastal fjordland. Beginning from Coast Mountain’s kayak lodge, this BC kayak tour is an incredible journey past verdant green islands into an awe-inspiring mountain landscape. Along the way we’ll camp on remote beaches, hike to a sparkling inland lake and drink clear glacial water from tumbling waterfalls. More...


7 days/6 nights Sea Kayaking British Columbia Tour

Desolation Sound Sea Kayak Expedition

A paddle-powered sea kayaking tour into the less-traveled parts of this popular BC marine park destination, known for its spectacular mountain scenery, warm ocean temperatures and abundant wild oysters! Our kayak camping expedition explores a remote northern approach into this British Columbia sea kayaking mecca, also known as BC’s Baja. Enjoy first and last nights at Coast Mountain Lodge. More...


7 days/6 nights Sea Kayaking British Columbia Tour

Bute Inlet Expedition

Carved deep into the mainland coast, Bute Inlet is home to BC’s highest mountains, wildly dramatic beauty and incredible natural features. Wildlife abounds, and every day promises soul-satisfying adventure. Includes first & last nights at Coast Mountain Lodge and boat transport to/from Quadra Island. More...


6 days/5 nights Sea Kayaking British Columbia Tour

Orford Bay Gizzily Expedition

Join our exciting expedition to the Orford River estuary in the heart of the British Columbia coast mountains. This British Columbia sea kayaking tour culminates with opportunities to view grizzly bears up close in their natural habitat. We'll paddle through the Discovery Islands archipeligo and on to Bute Inlet, one of the worlds most spectatcular fjords. We'll spend two days at Orford Bay to observe grizzlies.



8 days/7 nights Sea Kayaking British Columbia Tour


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Coast Mountain Expeditions offers Quadra Island sea kayaking trips, tours and expeditions from Quadra Island, near Vancouver Island British Columbia, Canada. We built and operate Coast Mountain Lodge, Canada’s first sea kayak lodge, on Read Island in British Columbia. We also own/operate Discovery Islands Lodge, a B&B kayak hostel on Quadra Island. As charter members of Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC, we’ve helped establish and maintain operating safety standards for the Vancouver Island, British Columbia sea kayaking tours industry. Coast Mountain kayak trips and tours include lodge accommodation and kayak camping; we depart to our Read Island lodge from locations on Quadra Island, near town of Campbell River on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.